Engineering DNA for next-generation therapeutics and forensics

At Parabon NanoLabs, we are developing a new class of nano-pharmaceuticals and advanced forensic tools by fully leveraging the power of DNA.

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Whether chemically engineering synthetic DNA for creating nano-pharmaceuticals or reverse engineering human DNA for biomarkers of medical or forensic significance, Parabon NanoLabs is developing some of the most compelling products of the DNA Age.

For example, our scientists and customers use the Parabon Essemblix™ Drug Development Platform to design and produce potent new compounds for the treatment of cancer, infectious disease, and biodefense applications.

We also offer the Parabon Snapshot™ DNA Phenotyping Service, which produces a descriptive profile of the source of any human DNA sample, including pigmentation, face morphology, and other forensically relevant traits.

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Latest News

NEW Police Release Composite of Suspect in Warwick, RI Murder

Shaun Towne reporting for WPRI12 TV

NEW Decades-old Case Turns Hot Thanks to New Technology

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NEW DNA Phenotyping Puts Face on Cold Case Suspect

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NEW Loudoun County Turns to Composite Image Based on DNA to Crack Cold Case

Northern Virginia bureau reporter David Culver reports on a new way to take DNA and come up with a composite.

NEW Loudoun Sheriff's Office Uses Advances in DNA Technology to Gain Cold Case Information

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NEW Fort Wayne Police Release New Composite of Suspected Tinsley Killer

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NEW Tacoma Police Release DNA Snapshot Composite Images of Suspects in 1986 Murders

Michella Welch and Jennifer Bastian murders featured on Dark Sleuth blog

NEW Windsor, Ontario Police Hope DNA Composite Profile Will Help Solve 45-Year-Old Murder

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WANTED: Tacoma Police release DNA composites of 2 killers in 1986 child murders

Q13 Fox News report from April 6th, 2016

New DNA Technique Could Lead to a Break In Snowbird Murder Case

Michael Robinson reporting for the Toronoto Star

Utah Cold Case Summit
Training Session on How To Use Snapshot

May 4th in Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Steven Armentrout Presents at California Criminalists DNA Workshop and Exhibit

May 3rd in North Hollywood, CA

Florida Police Turn to DNA Phenotyping to Solve Toronto Couple's Murder

Toronto's CityNews reporting on Hallandale Beach, FL Investigation

Snapshot Reveals Two Perpetrators Responsible for Child Abduction Murders in Tacoma, WA

Local Police Reopen 30-year Old Cases with First Ever Use of Child Abduction Response Team in a Cold Case Investigation

Police Use Snapshot to Sharpen Image of Athens, Ohio Serial Rapist

David DeWitt reporting for the Athens News

Tacoma Police Release [Snapshot] Composite Sketches of Suspects in 1986 Slayings

Stacia Glenn reporting for the News Tribune

Athens Police Department Releases New Information, DNA Report on Sexual Predator

Kaitlin Fochesato reporting for The Post

Parabon Announces Snapshot Facial Reconstruction Service

First-ever Combination of DNA Phenotyping with Forensic Facial Reconstruction Revolutionizes Investigation of Unidentified Persons

Police Hope Composite Image Can Help Close Cold Case

Kim Dacey reporting for WBAL TV

Police seek information about 30-year-old Glen Burnie cold case

Meredith Newman reporting for the Capital Gazette

Technology Reveals 30 Year Old Murder Victim's Face

Holly Basta reporting for the Arundel News Network

Parabon Awarded U.S. Department of Defense Contract to Aid Identification of Remains from Past Conflicts

Snapshot Kinship Analysis to Be Enhanced for Toughest Missing Personnel Cases

Police Use Discarded Chewing Gum To Figure Out What A Suspect Looks Like

Nick Hudson writing for Police Professional

Pinch of DNA to Reconstruct a Suspect's Face May Help Fla. Police

Megan Hamilton writing for Digital Journal

Can DNA Predict a Face?

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Snapshot Featured on Fox Television's Xploration Earth 2050

DNA Phenotyping cited as the future of DNA Forensics

National Geographic Awards Grant for Snapshot DNA Phenotyping Study

Forensic DNA expert Dr. Bruce Budowle to perform National Geographic evaluation

Snapshot Featured on TNT Real-life Crime Show 'Cold Justice'

John Walsh interviews investigative team about "the most exciting development in DNA technology"

Snapshot Produces Composite of Miami-Dade County "Serial Creeper"

Four Florida jurisdictions jointly release Snapshot composite in televised press conference

Snapshot Helps Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Redirect Investigation into Sierra Bouzigard's Cold Case

CPSO Sheriff Tony Mancuso releases Snapshot composite in press conference

Technology Reconstructs Person's Facial Features Using DNA Sample

Erika Ferrando reporting for KPLC News

DNA Phenotyping Gets a Forensic Artist's Touch

Snapshot Forensic Art Enhancement Services featured in Forensic Magazine

Parabon Announces New Snapshot Forensic Art Service at the International Homicide Investigators Association Meeting PRNewswire

Progression, Accessorization and Facial Reconstruction Now Available for Parabon's Snapshot™ DNA Phenotyping Service

New DNA Analysis Technology Could Help Solve Cold Cases P&SN

Snapshot featured in Police and Security News Magazine

Putting a Face to DNA: New Tech Gives Hope in Cold Cases NBC

Snapshot featured on NBC Nightly News with Kate Snow

Snapshot Reveals New Clues in 27-Year Old Cold Case

Parabon generates composite image from DNA linked to 1988 murder of April Tinsley

Parabon Snapshot nominated for Cannes Innovation Award

What's Old Is New Again

Bob Grant, writing for The Scientist

A Hong Kong Clean-Up Campaign Identifies Litterbugs Through DNA Fast Company

Jeff Beer, writing for Co.Create

Hong Kong Anti-Littering Campaign Uses DNA From Trash to Shame People

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Creepy Ads Use Litterbugs' DNA to Shame Them Publicly WIRED

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Snapshot Puts a Face on Litterbugs

Ogilvy & Mather "The Face of Litter" Campaign Launches on Global Earth Day to Support Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge

Reconstructed Phantom Images of DNA N24

Parabon Snapshot featured on German TV

A Kodak Moment for Law Enforcement Police Chief Magazine

Using DNA Blueprints to Build Facial Composites by David J. Roberts

Police Use DNA To Generate a Suspect's Face

Building a Face, and a Case, on DNA New York Times

Andrew Pollack, writing for

New Technology Generates Photo Illustration From A Person's DNA

Melody Schreiber, writing for the Washington Post

Parabon announces Collaboration with Dr. Bruce Budowle at AAFS 2015

Renowned Forensic Expert to Conduct Peer-Reviewed Validation of Snapshot DNA Phenotyping Service

New System Creates Faces Based Off DNA Samples Fox News (TV)

Dr. Greytak interviewed by Stuart Varney of Varney & Co.

First DNA-Phenotyped Image of 'Person of Interest' in Double Homicide

Snapshot profiled in Forensic Magazine

DNA: The Next Frontier in Forensics Financial Times

Clive Cookson, writing for

Forensic experts create e-fits from DNA Daily Mail

Traces at crime scenes used to build face shapes with accurate eye and skin colour

Modeling Suspects' Faces Using DNA From Crime Scenes PopSci

Francie Diep, writing for Popular Science

A New Way DNA Can Help You ID Your Unknown Suspect Police One

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Reston Company Develops New Forensic DNA Analysis Technique

Gregg MacDonald of the Fairfax Times

New DNA Technique May Reveal Face of Killer in Unsolved Double-Murder

Christina Corbin, writing for Fox News

Snapshot Puts a Face on a Four-Year-Old Cold Case

Parabon Snapshot used to identify possible person-of-interest

5 Private Biotechs Revolutionizing Medicine

Maxx Chatsko, writing for The Motley Fool

Parabon NanoLabs: Applied DNA Nanotechnology, from Custom-Designed Drugs to Virtual Mug Shots

Parabon NanoLabs profiled by Duke University Department of Electrical & Computer Science

Parabon Awarded CRCF Grant for
Artificial Vaccine Platform

CIT Announces Awards for the Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) FY2013 Solicication

Biotechs Explore Role for 3D Printing
In Drug Development

Parabon Nanolabs profiled by New York Genome Center (

The 7 Best Inventions of 2012

Huffington Post names Parabon Essemblix one of the seven best inventions of 2012

Parabon NanoLabs Awarded NSF Grant for Development of Cancer Therapeutic with Industry Partner Janssen R&D

Novel formulation aims to reduce side-effects and improve efficacy of approved chemotherapeutic compound

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