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A new class of nano-pharmaceuticals and advanced forensic tools

Parabon Essemblix™
Drug Development Platform

Designing drugs, one molecule at a time

With Essemblix, we design and produce functional DNA-based nanostructures for ourselves and our customers.

Essemblix's "plug-and-play" molecular engineering makes it possible to create an enormous variety of multi-functional compounds. Functional subcomponents of Essemblix compounds include:

  • cell-specific targeting agents
  • therapeutic payloads, such as small molecules or siRNA
  • imaging tracers; and,
  • precisely patterned antigens for eliciting strong immune response.

The above stages of development for an example nanocarrier, PNL24, show that Essemblix can facilitate concept to compound efficiently and affordably.

Our Pharmaceutical Pipeline

P24RDN is designed for the treatment of GBM. Preclinical studies have demonstrated it to be safe and effective, and significantly increases survival in murine models hosting intracranial human glioma tumors.

PJ-01, which is being developed through a partnership with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, is designed for the treatment of prostate cancer. Preclinical studies are underway.


Using Essemblix, we can design and produce custom nanostructures to satisfy specific customer requirements. Example Essemblix applications include cell/tissue recognition, cell specific transfection, and targeted drug delivery.

To learn more, or to explore partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Parabon Snapshot™
DNA Phenotyping Service

Redefining the field of DNA Forensics

Soon you will be able to send us a human DNA sample and, using Snapshot, we will produce a forensic profile containing predictions about the physical traits of its source.

A Snapshot "digital mugshot" that combines several trait predictions into a unified facial representation

Because some traits are partially determined by environmental factors and not DNA alone, Snapshot trait predictions are presented with a corresponding measure of confidence, which reflects the degree to which such factors influence each particular trait. Traits, such as eye color, that are highly heritable (i.e., are not greatly affected by environmental factors) are predicted with higher accuracy and confidence than those that have lower heritability.

The first set of traits supported by Snapshot will include:

  • sex
  • blood type
  • ancestry
  • hair morphology
  • dimples
  • freckles
  • shoe size
  • vision correction
  • ear lobe attachment
  • ear lobe crease
  • 5th digit clinodactyly
  • flat footedness
  • eye color, hair color, skin color
  • height, handedness, etc.

Parabon is outfitting Snapshot with a unique ability to predict face morphology and coupling it with other related trait predictions, giving Snapshot the ability to produce a "digital mugshot" of an individual corresponding to a given DNA sample.