Snapshot Study

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you so much for your interest in the Snapshot DNA Phenotypic Trait and Ancestry Study!

In order to assist with troubleshooting, we've assembled the following list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you are having problems, please take a minute to search through the questions below...

  1. I'm curious about this study. What does it entail?
  2. How do I get started?
  3. Will you test my DNA/genotype my DNA sample?
  4. There's language in the consent form about the risks if employers or insurers get my genetic data. Are you going to release my data to employers and insurers?
  5. Why won't the study app let me join the study? I got a message saying I didn't qualify.
  6. How do you define cosmetic surgery?
  7. Which camera (rear or selfie) does the app use for the eye color and dark room photos?
  8. What if I don't have an iPhone?
  9. Why did you choose Apple over Android?
  10. Why can't I do the whole study on my computer/laptop?
  11. Where is my activation email? I have not yet received an email.
  12. How do I reset my password?  I’m locked out of my account.
  13. How do I get my raw data file from 23andMe?
  14. How do I get my raw data file from AncestryDNA?
  15. How do I get my raw data file from FamilyTreeDNA?
  16. How do I get my raw data file from MyHeritage DNA?
  17. I have multiple genotype files. Which should I submit?
  18. How do I submit more than one genotype file?
  19. Can my child participate in the study?
  20. I live outside the US, can I participate?
  21. What regulatory oversight is there of this research study?
  22. Report Results

  23. Will I get a prediction of what I look like if I participate in the study?
  24. What is in the ancestry report?
  25. Is the ancestry report similar to 23andMe?
  26. Is this the same ancestry analysis you use in Snapshot casework?
  27. Why are the results different from what I received from my DTC testing company / another analysis?
  28. I expected to have ancestry from a specific region, but it doesn't show up.
  29. I don't think I have ancestry from a specific region, but it's showing up.
  30. Why don't you show populations below 5%?
  31. Why does a population show up in my global ancestry but not in my regional ancestry?
  32. Why does it look like I'm in the middle of nowhere on the ancestry plot?
  33. Why does it look like I'm in the middle of a random population on the ancestry plot?
  34. I still really have a question that I need to ask you!

If you don't see your question listed above, feel free to contact for technical support. Thanks!