Partnering with Parabon® NanoLabs

Which collaboration model is right for you?

Parabon NanoLabs welcomes the opportunity to expand its product pipeline and enhance its services through the following types of partnership engagements:

Therapeutic Partnerships

Parabon NanoLabs uses its proprietary Essemblix Drug Development Platform for its own drug development pipeline, and is also interested in working with other organizations that want to design and develop investigational drug candidates and bring novel therapeutics to market. Specifically, Parabon is interested in:

Co-development Partnerships: Parabon is interested in co-development partnerships to develop novel therapeutics.

Platform Collaborations: Parabon NanoLabs will consider collaborations with organizations that want to access Parabon’s proprietary Essemblix technology and design services to develop therapeutics that employ their own proprietary compounds.

Government and Academic Collaborations: Parabon NanoLabs regularly establishes research collaborations with government and academic research institutions to investigate the potential of its platform technology and new drug and nano-sensor candidates.

Product Collaborations: Parabon NanoLabs is interested in engaging in conversation with organizations interested in licensing and further developing any of our investigational drug candidates.

Forensic Partnerships

The large-scale DNA mining and modeling procedures we use to develop trait prediction models for the Parabon Snapshot® DNA Phenotyping System can and are being used for forecasting disease risk and other genotype-to-phenotype (G2P) relationships.

For example, under an NIH grant, we are working with our parent company, Parabon Computation, and epigenomics expert, Dr. Jason Moore of Dartmouth University, to uncover biomarkers that are predictive of Alzheimer's disease. Organizations seeking collaborators to produce G2P mappings for particular traits not currently provided by Snapshot or specific medical indications are invited to contact us regarding collaboration opportunities.

To discuss a possible partnership with a representative from Parabon NanoLabs, please contact us.